Hi, I’m Natalie Doyle Oldfield.

I’m on a mission to help business owners and leaders grow their companies by helping them build relationships of trust with their customers and colleagues. The science and the evidence reveals when you have high trust equity, loyalty, referrals, repeat business and sales increase.

We’ve created a group program for leaders who want to learn the science behind how people decide to trust. 

This program is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to build trust with customers virtually
  • You want to hang on to personal connections or get them back
  • You want to learn how to establish trust while dealing with customers remotely
  • You want to become The One Customers go to
  • You want to learn how to create new experiences virtually
  • You want to help grow your business exponentially
  • You want a community of like-minded experienced business leaders
  • You never learned how to manage customer relationships
  • You want the secrets to making things stick
  • You want to learn new tools & techniques to create extraordinary customer experiences

Research shows, 

2 in 3 business owners and leaders rank customers as the #1 audience to build trust with in 2021.

The Building Trust Virtually program is limited to 10 qualified applicants.

If you’d like a private cohort for your company, contact us  and we can set up a time to discuss.


Things are basically fine.
Will I still find this program useful?

Yes! This is an opportunity to put guided effort and energy into your customer relationships to fine-tune your approach and shift things to a new level. You'll learn specific skills to strengthen all your professional relationships, elevate your game and generate new opportunities. And by the end of the program, you'll find that you have a lot less stress, increased customer loyalty and more opportunities with your customers.

Action is the key  
- Anyone can say they want to improve
- Anyone can say they want results
- Anyone can set goals

The rewards come to those who actually do something. As you know, if you focus on anything, you can start to improve

Companies that balance online interaction with personal interaction will win in 2021.

There has never been a better time to invest in learning how to build trust with customers.It is not the time to wait, retrench or cut back.  The pandemic has been the ultimate level setter. Companies with strong relationships and those that do a good job in 2021 will flourish in the transformed business environment.  

Everyone can learn how to build and strengthen relationships virtually. It starts by focusing on trust.

If you’d like to develop closer relationships remotely, hang on to personal connections, and build trust virtually we have a live step by step program that will help you flourish in 2021.  

The Building Trust Virtually program is limited to 10 qualified applicants.

If you’d like a private cohort for your company, contact me and we can set up a time to discuss.

What clients say about the program

"The Becoming a Trusted Advisor virtual training program was a game-changer. In fact many said it was the best training experience they ever attended. It was rich with practical new approaches, exercises, top notch assessments and tools to implement right away to increase revenue. The online virtual delivery via Microsoft Teams was interactive - the entire team was engaged and accountable throughout the program – and we've already seen the results. I’d recommend it to any company looking to increase client focus and increase sales revenue."
Tom Ross, Senior VP Worldwide Sales, GoSecure

"Some people have it, some people don’t. I didn’t actually know what ‘it’ was until I met Natalie. It is the ability to build relationships of trust with customers. We had tried sales training and leadership training and they still didn’t get ‘it’. Then we took Natalie’s Building Customer Trust program. She broke it down in a framework. With her interactive and pragmatic approach in-person and virtually, she taught all of our customer facing employees how to do it – how to confidently build relationships of trust with customers and how to become trusted advisors."
Matt Brunt, General Manager Construction, Bird Stairs

Building Trust Virtually: Becoming a Trusted Advisor.

The program is highly interactive and designed for 8 - 10 qualified participants. Our six week program has limited spots and will be curated for a cohort of leaders. The unique blend of interactive workshops, small group discussions, assessments, peer to peer learning and one on one private coaching will motive you to action and accelerate your company’s growth.

To explore opportunities for you and how you can implement the measurable building trust framework today, please put your name on waitlist here and Natalie will follow up with you to ensure the program is right for you, discuss pricing and outline next steps.

About the facilitator, Natalie Doyle Oldfield.

Natalie Doyle Oldfield works with business owners and leaders to grow their companies through a proprietary evidence-based framework. A former CMO with 25 years of international business experience, she is the author of The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It.

Five times, she has been named one of the world’s Top Thought Leaders in Trust. Recently she was recognized with a Life Time Achievement Trust Thought Leader Award by Trust Across America Trust Around the World. Other life time award recipients include Howard Schultz, Chair and Founder, Starbucks, Richard Edelman of Edelman Trust Barometer, and authors Charles Green and Stephen Covey. Natalie is the President and owner of Success Through Trust Inc.

Natalie speaks at company meetings and conferences and leads workshops around the world sharing her insights into customer behavior and the science of how to build and protect customer and stakeholder trust. Her clients include many of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

Her book, Forbes articles and her Trust Model are required reading in some of the world’s leading business schools. She is the creator of the award - winning, proprietary Client Trust Index™, a quantifiable evidence-based Trust Equity™ diagnostic and the Becoming a Trusted Advisor online course.

Success Through Trust Inc’s purpose is to engage and inspire business owners and leaders so that are inspired and equipped to achieve the growth and success they deserve.

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