16 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Customers

April 4, 2016

How to destroy your customer’s trust in you and your company: 

  • Fail to deliver the product or service as promised
  • Do not return calls or emails promptly
  • Continually change the rules of the engagement
  • Send them to your website for more information
  • Be unreliable
  • Tell customers “this is not my responsibility.”
  • Have different rules for different customers
  • Ignore customer feedback and complaints
  • Tell customers they are wrong
  • Show impatience when responding to questions
  • Patronize customers
  • Refuse to refund money or honor warranties when they are dissatisfied
  • Try to sell them something they do not need
  • Quote policies and rules to avoid responding to customer’s concerns
  • Fail to declare a conflict of interest
  • Put your interests ahead of the customers in order to make the sale