Superior customer service builds loyalty & customers who trust you

February 9, 2016

In today’s Globe and Mail, Brenda Bouw wrote about four steps to fix bad customer service. Her advice spoke to small business owners, however large enterprise companies and individuals can benefit from the advice as well.

Brenda Bouw, outlined the following four steps:

  • "Keep it simple sales person: It should be easy for the customer to do business with you,” 
  • "Talk where the customers are listening"
  • "Empower the front line"
  • "Don’t just listen, engage"

In today’s world with so much choice why would we do business with companies that make it difficult or complicated? With companies that make it difficult to find them? Or companies where employees can not help you, are not able to make a decision on their own to help you? Or one that does not involve customers in the discussion? Or a company that is not empathetic to customers?

What does customer service excellence have to do with customer trust and what does it matter? Studies show trust is the primary driver for customer satisfaction.   It is directly related to customer satisfaction,  commitment and loyalty. This is a critical point.  Companies and Trusted Advisors want to retain customers. We know it is easier and more cost effective to keep a customer happy than it is to sell to a brand new customer. Therefore, we should strive for superior customer service and high customer trust and work diligently to build and strengthen customer relationships based on trust.