Top 5 Actions to Grow your Business in 2016: Part 5 of 5 Get Attention, get Noticed

January 15, 2016

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, I prefer to look at planning “Must Dos” to achieve a goal or vision, and urge my clients to approach planning in a similar way. The other day, a client asked me “what do you think we should work on in 2016 to grow our business?”

This is Part 5 of my answer. 

5. Get attention, get noticed and become known to your customers and prospects. 

People have to know you exist. There are several ways to do this including: 

  • writing & sharing articles for publication on blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • participating, attending and speaking at industry, association and community events (live and online events)
  • getting published – both online and in print publications. For, example in industry publications or business publications
  • providing your opinion and share your comments - on blogs, forums, through panel Q&As
  • networking in-person and online through channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter
  • trying Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a simple measurable way to let people know your company exists, and what products or services you offer.  If you do a Google AdWords campaign – and if done strategically – you can be certain your website will be noticed, ultimately generating leads and activity. 

When the customer or prospect does notice and ask you for information, make sure you have the information they need. It should be readily accessible and easy for them to buy from you.

To recap, the following five initiatives will help you grow your business in 2016.

  • Understand your customers; define what is important to them
  • Define what you are selling so that it identifies the value the customer receives
  • Understand your customer’s experience with your company
  • Consistently connect and engage with customers using clear simple language
  • Get attention, get noticed and become known to your customers and prospects 

My final piece of advice was to "take deliberate actionable steps every single day to achieve the desired outcome."  When you do this, you will see your business grow.  

I welcome your comments and your ideas.