Trust Leader: Huawei Technologies

May 4, 2016

Employee Focus Leads to Connected World for one of China’s Most Trusted Brands

I recently met an executive from Huawei Technologies of Shenzhen, China. Huawei, as it is known, is one of the world’s largest ICT companies and one of China’s most trusted companies.

A few interesting facts about Huawei:

  • First mainland China company to make Top 100 Best Global Brands, 2015.
  • Named Boston Consulting Group’s 2015 Most Innovative Companies
  • LinkedIn recognized Huawei as the World’s100 Most InDemand Employers, 2014. This is awarded to the most sought after employees based on billions of interactions from LinkedIn 300M + members.
  • Thomson Reuters named it Top 100 Global Innovators, 2014

 With operations in over 170 countries, its 176,000 employees represent 160 nationalities. I met several Huawei employees at SAUPO (Symposium on Asia – USA Partnership Opportunities) a few weeks ago and was impressed with their enthusiasm and client focus. When I asked Jim McGee, Senior Director of Government Relations, USA, how did Huawei become one of China’s most trusted brands? he, replied, "We are 100 percent employee owned. Everyone in the company is focused on providing superior service to the customer and creating a connected world. We are all focused on achieving the same results for our company our customers. We focus on developing our employees; our employees are engaged and have a deep understanding of the company vision.”

Later that day, during a panel discussion, one of Huawei’s Value Added Partners, Mr. Raymond Cheng, President and CEO of SoZo Solutions remarked, “Huawei focuses on authentic partnerships and relationships, they focus on a person to person level with customers.”

I am sure they’re many reasons that Huawei is a trusted company and a global brand leader. From what I have learned, it looks like they are delivering on their promise of “building a better connected world.” Huawei touches one third of the world’s population, is the third largest smart phone provider and holds the number one spot in the world market share of broadband access. We trust brands that deliver on their promises.
In addition to its remarkable track record of delivering on its promise , Huawei’s culture of trust and employee focus may just be one of its hidden assets.

Be a trust leader the KPIs will follow.


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