Without Trust There is no Sale: Key facts that can change your business

March 8, 2018

Many business owners are wondering why is it getting harder to sell, why don’t they receive as many referrals as they used to, why loyal customers have left, why sales cycles are longer than ever, why negotiations are difficult and stressful, and why they are no longer invited to strategic discussions with their key customers like they used to be. 

Todays selling environment is dramatically different from a decade ago. In the current environment, almost every seller faces far greater scrutiny from a more informed and critical customer. Today’s buyers need more than innovative, best in class products and services. Overwhelming data points to their need to trust the person and company they are buying from.

Without trust, there is no sale. 

Customers buy from people and organizations they trust. Consider the facts:

  • 85% buy from people they trust (The Edeleman Trust Barometer)
  • 92% Canadians agree when quality and price are similar, People buy from companies they trust more (Readers Digest IPOS)
  • 54% paid more for a product or service that they trusted (The Edeleman Trust Barometer)
  • 81% Canadians pay a little more money to support a product or a service from a company they trust (Readers Digest IPOS)
  • 75% worldwide recommend to a friend or colleague (The Edeleman Trust Barometer)
  • 85% Canadian tend to recommend trusted products or services to friends and family (Readers Digest IPOS)