Trust is the most basic quality at the heart of every relationship. We understand it naturally and our inner alarms go off when trust is damaged or absent. But most business leaders consider trust to be something intangible and difficult to quantify.

This book clearly demonstrates that trust is both measurable and manageable. It offers a practical guide to building and protecting trust, and making it part of the balance sheet of every organization. Natalie Doyle Oldfield has spent years studying trust. She lays out a practical, step-by- step approach that will enable everyone from the CEO to the front line employee to thrive in a culture of trust.

By taking a look at the science and research, case studies of trust broken and rebuilt, and the reflections of leading business figures, this book will show you how to create trusting relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders. It will show you how to make trust part of your core business strategy and how to make it pay off on the bottom line.

"Trust is an aspiration of every commercial and public enterprise. Without it, the wheels of interaction and repeat business possibilities can never be achieved. In this book, Natalie bridges the divides, points our specific pivot strategies and provides logical pathways to building Trust at all levels of a company...As companies push ahead with their digital enterprise strategies, customer and supply chain interfaces, intermediary agents including robot gateways and device specific apps will need to be sensitized to the brand mission and representation that earns trust each and every day. Great read, great advice - great timing to reconsider B2C and B2B connection quality in today 's noisy, social environment."

Rich Carreau, Director of Innovation and Insurance Software Development, DXC Technology

"Natalie changed the way we view our customers, our thought process and everything we do - we now see things in a different way. Since working with Natalie and implementing the Trust Building Model and the Client Trust Index™ we now have a customer performance metric and benchmark to measure customer experience."

Kevin Pelley, P.Eng, CEO, Kohltech Windows and Entrance Systems, One of Canada’s Best Managed Companies

"Natalie’s style immediately engages you with examples and best practices, spelling out just how leading companies have outpaced those in their industries by investing in their employees and customers."

David Alston, Chief Innovation Officer, Introhive

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The workbook outlines the Building Trust Model© and The Eight Principles of Building Trust© and offers tools, strategies, and tips to build, strengthen and protect customer trust. The self paced format and exercises are meant to encourage individuals to think about ways to strengthen and build trust. The workbook can be used as an individual, self-instructional guide, as a management tool for managers and team leads or as a guide to follow along during a workshop or session. Workbooks are often used during team discussions long after the session is over.