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Content-Rich Programs that Educate, Inspire and Deliver Results

Natalie is driven by a passion for customers - and results. A successful leader for over 20 years, she understands the challenge business leaders face in building, strengthening and protecting relationships of trust and improving results in today's competitive marketplace.

To ensure programs produce results, all include customization to meet your most pressing business need. This unique approach ensures that participants will be engaged and more open to learning techniques and strategies that will translate into outcomes.


Fault Line: What Your Customers Won’t Tell You

Erosion of your customer base, fewer referrals, declining sales and shrinking margins are not necessarily signs of a slowing market. They can be symptoms of low levels of customer trust.

Natalie inspires participants to create action plans that enable every person in your company to play their unique role in growing the business and improving the customer experience. Audiences are given practical how – to’s and are inspired to put new policies in place to improve business performance.

Your Hidden Asset: Why Trust is Essential to Success

Employees who trust each other outperform. Trust increases productivity, engagement and innovation. Natalie inspires audiences to create a work culture and environment that dramatically improves organizational performance.

Build Loyalty in a Fickle World

Build and maintain loyalty with customers and clients in a fickle market. Natalie delivers a powerful message with real world future forward strategies. With the right combination of strategic insight, practicality and relatability, Natalie will have your audiences saying “she changed our thinking,” “we can do this.”

How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect Customer Trust

Natalie will share with you the science and the evidence behind how all trust decisions are made. She will share case studies of how top companies are using the power of trust to be a competitive differentiator and a key performance indicator. Audiences will leave saying “she changed our customer view”, “Natalie’s session helped us take complex vague concepts like integrity tangible and actionable.”

“The session was perfect, just what we wanted: fun, interactive and lots of new ideas and tangible tips and actions to implement to strengthen and protect trust with our customers.”
- Doug MacDonald, Director, Operations, Wilsons Fuels.

“The session was well done, in fact outstanding. We were interested and motivated and engaged throughout the entire day.  We all left learning several new things about our clients and how to build relationships of trust with them.  Thank you.”
- Steve Adsett, National Director, People & Career Management, Bird Construction.

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