Building and Strengthening Customer Trust

Program Overview

Discover how to grow sales, become more profitable, and increase customer loyalty.

Many business owners wonder why:

  • Sales are flat or declining
  • They don’t get more referrals
  • They don’t hear about new opportunities
  • Long term customers are leaving
  • Repeat business is declining
  • Negotiations are difficult and stressfull

We are in a new era.

Companies face greater scrutiny from a more informed and critical customer. Companies need more than innovative, best in class products and services. They need their customer’s trust in them. Without trust, there is no sale. Customers buy from people and organizations they trust.

Developed for the construction industry, this program is based on cutting edge research that can change your business.

Key Takeaways

Participants will:

  • Discover how customers decide to trust
  • Discover why when there is no trust, there is no sale
  • Discover why some customer projects are successful and others are not
  • Understand the trust levers that motivate customers, colleagues, and project teams
  • Identify ways to create value for customers
  • Examine how the language of trust affects your customers
  • Examine how to make ethical decisions and behave with ethics and integrity
  • Create a customer centered mindset and focus
  • Develop a trusted advisor mindset that gives you the tools and confidence to succeed.

Program Deliverables

Module 1 - What Trust Means to Customers Building and Strengthening Customer Trust

This workshop focuses on how customers decide to trust. Participants gain an appreciation of the customer’s view and mindset. The instructor will provide an overview of the trust model and program, and how it impacts sales, referrals, project performance, customer loyalty, customer commitment and an organization’s performance.

In this module we will cover:

  • How customers decide to trust you and your company
  • The “power words” that trigger attention and respect from customers, suppliers and employees
  • Real life case studies of companies who have differentiated themselves from the competition... and behind the scenes of how they did it.
  • 3 communication mistakes companies make each day that trap them in a sea of sameys
  • The checklist I use with my clients to ensure they are considering questions and concerns customers often have on their minds when they are working with companies in the construction industry
  • The proven system and methodology top companies follow to motivate customers, colleagues, and project teams to earn loyalty and repeat business

Module 2 - Communicating Trust and Communicating with Impact

Communicating with clear concrete and conversational language is critical to building and strengthening trust with customers. Understanding the needs and differences in individuals and how they receive messages is fundamental to presenting your ideas, products and your company with customers. Why is it that different customers receive the same project overview quite differently? Why do some colleagues discuss a project and others show little interest? Participants learn how to anticipate and communicate with customers and colleagues with different behavioral styles. Participants learn the impact of adjusting their communication and behavior style to earn the trust of their customers, colleagues, and project teams.

Module 3 - Acting in the Best Interests of Customers with Ethics and Integrity

Intentions and motives are key to building, strengthening and protecting customer relationships of trust. Your customers must believe that you and your organization are putting their interests first; that you are being honest and that you are doing the right thing. Trust increases productivity, innovation and customer engagement. This session inspires professionals to act in the best interest of customers and to create a culture that dramatically improves a performance.

Module 4 - Incorporating the Trust Building System into your Company

The goal is to empower professionals to create action plans to build trust with customers, colleagues and stakeholders. In this workshop participants will evaluate their organization’s trustworthiness and identify their critical trust risk points.

Natalie Doyle Oldfield is the author of the book “The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It.” Natalie works with companies to grow their business and increase customer loyalty. She was named a 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust by Trust Across America for The Building Trust Program, The Client Trust IndexTM and the Becoming a Trusted Advisor Online Program, as well as for her seminars and workshops. Success Through Trust has developed research-based tools and award winning programs that improve customer trust and provides the training to help you implement them.

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