The Client Trust Index™

Building Your Business starts with Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

Studies demonstrate trust is the primary driver for customer satisfaction. It is directly related to client satisfaction, customer experience and loyalty.

You have data on lagging business measures such as sales volume and revenue; don't you wish you had leading measure data showing the degree of loyalty and trust your customers have in you? Are you frustrated with relying on limited customer anecdotes of customer happiness? Would proven, objective data help you make decisions and improve your customer experience, increase retention and deepen relationships? 

Companies regularly tracking and utilizing customer analytics and data report 186% more sales growth than their competitors. Utilizing customer experience data can help you find a root of a problem and fix it to help grow your business. Strategic insight and understanding will help you take a proactive approach to building loyalty and growing your business.

What is The Client Trust Index™?

The Client Trust Index™ is a powerful business intelligence tool that measures experiences and client impressions.  Developed by trust authority Natalie Doyle Oldfield, and rooted in science, the Client Trust Index™ is an instrument that taps into customer insights usually inaccessible through traditional market research methods.

The proprietary system incorporates the scientific indicators; dimensions and criteria clients and stakeholders use to determine to trust an organization.  The Client Trust Index™ provides a quantifiable measurement of the organization’s trust equity and client experiences.  It offers a holistic view of the company's performance.  The report provides evidence-based data, client insights and a tailored plan with practical initiatives to act on.  Insights from The Client Trust Index™ will offer businesses a competitive advantage to dynamically anticipate and manage customer relationships.

Companion systems ,The Stakeholder Trust Index™ and The Member Trust Index™, offer data and strategic insight for organizations wishing to understand stakeholder and member sentiment.